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Pet quilt menu 2014

Archie The Sewing Dog & I had such a busy 2013 with making bespoke pet quilts & had little time to show you any. Here’s all the different varieties & sizes.please feel free to ask for further details.
All sizes are approximate inches & can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Various sizes of quilts made from squares of patchwork…you choose the colour theme or specify a theme like seaside, patriotic, floral , bright, pastel etc.Im happy to add detail such as bones, hearts, patches & badges….ask & I will try to source anything.

20140212-091346 pm.jpg
The quilts are made using all new materials & have a warm but lightweight wadding inner, the whole thing can be chucked in washing machine on 30 degree wash. They dry super fast so I don’t bother to tumble mine but they would be fine on a low heat in a dryer.
All prices quoted include UK courier but for overseas you will need to ask me for a quote, shipping for 1 quilt to USA/Oz seems to be between £35-40 GBP. This does mean the parcel can be tracked & with you pretty fast.
It takes me a few weeks to make up an order but can be quicker if you have a specific timescale.
I have tried to picture several examples for each size below.
EXTRA SMALL 15″x 20″ suit toy dog or cat £35.

20140212-093224 pm.jpg

20140212-093242 pm.jpgSMALL 25″x 30″ suit small breeds i.e Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Dachshund. £45

20140212-093357 pm.jpg

20140212-093410 pm.jpg
MEDIUM 30″x 40″ suit mini Schnauzer, Beagle, Wire Hair Fox Terrier £50.
This size would also be perfect for a babies cot.

20140212-093513 pm.jpg

20140212-093535 pm.jpg
LARGE 40″x 50″ suit Springer Spaniel, Labrador, Border Collie. £55

20140212-093856 pm.jpg

20140212-093910 pm.jpg
EXTRA LARGE 40″x 60″ suit large breeds like German Shepard, Lurcher. Or up to 4 small dogs £65.

20140212-094000 pm.jpg
HONOR QUILT 40″x 50″ commemorate past & present pets on one quilt, great on a chair back or hung on wall £60.

20140212-094101 pm.jpg
CAR/HOLIDAY QUILT 20″x 40″ A nice long quilt ideal for the back seat of car, help to make your pet feel at home on their travels. The centre panel can be patchwork or a showcase for a fun theme fabric like this one £45.

20140212-094203 pm.jpg
I make a variety of cushions, these styles are £20.

20140212-094306 pm.jpg
More intricate patchwork cushions are £25.

20140212-094410 pm.jpg
We do hope this is of interest to you & look forward to hearing from you.
Love & best wishes Lizzy & Archie The Sewing Dog x

20140212-094554 pm.jpg

20140212-094608 pm.jpg

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💗 custom made cushions 💗 Valentines gift?

Id had several commissions recently for bespoke personalised cushions for Christmas gifts & have had more requests for 💗 valentine 💗 presents. Here’s a quick recap of some of the cushions that were ordered….if anything catches your eye then you can contact me They are £20 which includes uk

20140112-071310 pm.jpg

20140112-071349 pm.jpg

20140112-071530 pm.jpg

20140112-071625 pm.jpg

20140112-071639 pm.jpg

20140112-071649 pm.jpg

20140112-071701 pm.jpg

20140112-071713 pm.jpg

20140112-071722 pm.jpg

20140112-071740 pm.jpg

20140112-071752 pm.jpg

20140112-071803 pm.jpg

20140112-071812 pm.jpg

20140112-071823 pm.jpg

20140112-071841 pm.jpg

20140112-071903 pm.jpg

20140112-071914 pm.jpg

20140112-071926 pm.jpg

20140112-072006 pm.jpg

20140112-072140 pm.jpg

20140112-072153 pm.jpg

20140112-072303 pm.jpg

20140112-072332 pm.jpg

20140112-072343 pm.jpg

20140112-072354 pm.jpg

20140112-072404 pm.jpg
…..& they ate not just for humans lol

20140112-072554 pm.jpg

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Frilly Christmas Tree Jumper

I work in retail & all the staff are wearing Christmassy themed jumpers until the festive season is over. The legend is that I personally hate all things Christmas but its an urban myth lol.
Here’s my homemade effort….it HAD to be patchwork/appliqué inspired as everything I make seems to be?!?

20131219-080200 PM.jpg
If you fancy making one it’s super simple & takes just a couple of hours. Firstly just sort yourself out an unwanted jumper or tee top, some felt (I had some dark brown), about 9 oddments of Christmas fabric….or Christmas colours.

20131219-080726 PM.jpg
Next lay your jumper on flat surface & make a paper template of a tree including its trunk…cut a piece of felt using this.

20131219-081101 PM.jpg
Now cut strips of the different fabric…sorry the only measurement I used was each strip being 3 inch deep….I tend to do things by eye….kinda organic creations (get her!!!) so I just roughly cut 1st strip about 1 1/2 times length of widest part of tree. Just kept cutting strips an inch or so shorter for each frill layer. Hem each side with zig zag…I used red to keep too the colour scheme

20131219-081518 PM.jpg
I carried on making strips in the different fabrics….9 was right for my size of tree. The sparkly strips were made from a stretchy belt I picked up in the charity shop this morning for £1….I’m always on the look out lol..

20131219-081824 PM.jpg
Hand gather along one long end (yes I know you can do it on the machine but I find it a total faff.just keep putting the strip against your tree too see exact length you need (pinning one end whilst you do this helps….keep making frills until you get to approx 2 inches from top of tree ( I pinned them all on ready to sew in place but you could tack them as well)

20131219-082416 PM.jpg

20131219-082442 PM.jpg

20131219-082558 PM.jpg
Sew each frill along top, overlap them to give a layered look….there will be about inch of brown felt visible between the frills

20131219-083545 PM.jpg
Now your tree is all assembled lay your jumper on a flat surface with something flat & hard inside to help prevent you sewing your back & front together…my cutting mat did the trick

20131219-085113 PM.jpg
Pin tree into position, I did a running stitch around trunk as a decorative touch then also went around with the sewing machine. Pin between frill layers then sew….this will be a better method of supporting weight of tree than stitching all around the outer edge & super quick which is always my preferred method

20131219-090950 PM.jpg

20131219-091116 PM.jpg
Yayyyyyy! It’s all finished….you could add Pom poms, beads, buttons, ribbons to the frills but I liked mine as they were….

20131219-091414 PM.jpg

20131219-091439 PM.jpg

20131219-091456 PM.jpg

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Baby goodies by Laurie

I had the pleasure of taking an order from my sister-in-law (well she will be one day) 

A couple of freinds of hers were having babies. A while ago  we blogged about a changing/play mat I made for her 2nd baby and she loved it so much she wanted one to give as a gift to her friend. She knew they were expecting a boy so I made him this.

image (2)


She then asked if I could make a little tactile trinket for the baby. I instantly knew I what I wanted to make.


Now the story so far has been a happy one, but unfortunately its not the case for her other friend.

She gave birth to her baby boy at only 24 weeks. While he was in the care of the professionals I was asked to make a similar trinket for him. They called him a little star as he was a fighter. Unfortunately the battle was too much for him. I was hesitant to go ahead as I didn’t want to upset the couple but I was insured it would be fine. So, I made it and posted it off and was pleased to hear it was a well received memento of the precious time they spent with there dear son.

image (1)

I never imagined that something I see as a simple task could bring joy to some and comfort to others.


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Girl Dog Quilts

Archie the sewing dog & I have been so busy designing & quilting just lately that I’ve not had time to show you some of the 65!!!!!! that we produced.if you want to commission a bespoke quilt email me but if its for Christmas I’ve a waiting list! ….here are the girls

20130901-040258 PM.jpg

20130901-040316 PM.jpg

20130901-040336 PM.jpg

20130901-040359 PM.jpg

20130901-040419 PM.jpg

20130901-040448 PM.jpg

20130901-040534 PM.jpg

20130901-040551 PM.jpg

20130901-040617 PM.jpg

20130901-040642 PM.jpg

20130901-040659 PM.jpg

20130901-040722 PM.jpg

20130901-040833 PM.jpg

20130901-040908 PM.jpg

20130901-040943 PM.jpg

20130901-041008 PM.jpg

20130901-041026 PM.jpg

20130901-041122 PM.jpg

20130901-041145 PM.jpg

20130901-041226 PM.jpg

20130901-041312 PM.jpg

20130901-041332 PM.jpg

Check out these other posts for more examples of what I have made.

Boy Dog Quilts

More Personalised Dog Quilts

Bespoke Doggy Quilts

Doggy Quilts

20130922-081951 PM.jpg

20130922-082013 PM.jpg

20130922-082034 PM.jpg

20130922-082120 PM.jpg

20130922-082146 PM.jpg

20130922-082240 PM.jpg

20130922-082310 PM.jpg

20130922-082341 PM.jpg

20130922-082418 PM.jpg

20130922-082435 PM.jpg

20130922-082538 PM.jpg

20130922-082604 PM.jpg

20130922-082639 PM.jpg

20130922-082656 PM.jpg

20130922-084818 PM.jpg

20130923-100848 PM.jpg

20130923-100900 PM.jpg

20130923-100928 PM.jpg

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Boy Dog Quilts

Archie the sewing dog & I have been so busy designing & quilting just lately that I’ve not had time to show you some of the 75 !!!! that we produced.if you want to commission a bespoke quilt email me but if its for Christmas I’ve a waiting list! ….here are the boys

20130901-034420 PM.jpg

20130901-034443 PM.jpg

20130901-034546 PM.jpg

20130901-034632 PM.jpg

20130901-034701 PM.jpg

20130901-034718 PM.jpg

20130901-034749 PM.jpg

20130901-034830 PM.jpg

20130901-034855 PM.jpg

20130901-035039 PM.jpg

20130901-035103 PM.jpg

20130901-035131 PM.jpg

20130901-035202 PM.jpg

20130901-035227 PM.jpg

20130901-035259 PM.jpg

20130901-035346 PM.jpg

20130901-035438 PM.jpg

20130901-035456 PM.jpg

20130901-035557 PM.jpg

20130901-035648 PM.jpg

Check out these other posts for more examples of what I have made.

Girl Dog Quilts

Bespoke Doggy Quilts

Doggy Quilts

More Personalised Dog Quilts

20130910-054751 PM.jpg

20130910-054808 PM.jpg

20130910-054834 PM.jpg

20130922-080505 PM.jpg

20130922-080707 PM.jpg

20130922-082922 PM.jpg

20130922-082940 PM.jpg

20130922-083027 PM.jpg

20130922-083136 PM.jpg

20130922-083159 PM.jpg

20130922-084413 PM.jpg

20130922-084421 PM.jpg

20130922-084430 PM.jpg

20130922-084503 PM.jpg

20130922-084517 PM.jpg

20130922-084548 PM.jpg

20130922-084611 PM.jpg

20130922-084624 PM.jpg

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More personalised dog quilts

Very busy few weeks with the doggy quilt making, here’s a few more & their owners, I can be contacted on
Firstly we have Rosie….isn’t she gorgeous?

20130805-085954 PM.jpg

20130805-090013 PM.jpg

20130805-090031 PM.jpg

20130805-090048 PM.jpg
Here’s a cute pair of Border Terriers Bonnie & little Baxter

20130805-090448 PM.jpg

20130805-090514 PM.jpg

20130805-090727 PM.jpg

20130805-090746 PM.jpg
I love the green theme Hendrix chose, a very handsome Border Terrier

20130805-090925 PM.jpg

20130805-090952 PM.jpg
Eric chose a nice subtle colour palette…very smart

20130805-091158 PM.jpg

20130805-091215 PM.jpg
Malcolm had a lovely boys colour scheme

20130805-091459 PM.jpg

20130805-091526 PM.jpg
Buffy is a lovely old chap & had an unusual quilt

20130805-091721 PM.jpg

20130805-091738 PM.jpg

20130805-091816 PM.jpg
George is such a cute guy don’t you think?

20130805-092015 PM.jpg

20130805-092032 PM.jpg

20130805-092048 PM.jpg
I’m happy to take orders for quilts & can make them in any theme or colour way, can source fabrics to suit your decor etc. prices vary according to size required & personalisation. Orders for Christmas coming in fast….,Archie the sewing dog & I are looking forward to seeing how each one turns out. Contact me

20130805-092554 PM.jpg

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Bespoke doggy quilts

Wowsers!!! I’ve had so many quilt commissions from dog lovers recently that I hardly know where to start & what to show you first! Please email if anything catches your eye & you want to treat your pet to something bespoke.

20130622-110706 PM.jpg

20130622-110722 PM.jpg

20130622-110744 PM.jpg

20130622-110805 PM.jpg

20130622-110828 PM.jpg

20130622-110846 PM.jpg

20130622-110904 PM.jpg

20130622-110924 PM.jpg

20130622-110946 PM.jpg

20130622-111005 PM.jpg

20130622-111024 PM.jpg

20130622-111055 PM.jpg

20130622-111153 PM.jpg

20130622-111217 PM.jpg

20130622-111313 PM.jpg

20130622-111336 PM.jpg

20130622-111417 PM.jpg

20130622-111520 PM.jpg

20130622-111558 PM.jpg

20130622-111617 PM.jpg

20130622-111644 PM.jpg

20130622-111721 PM.jpg

20130622-111744 PM.jpg

20130622-111811 PM.jpg

20130624-054902 PM.jpg

20130624-054920 PM.jpg

20130624-054945 PM.jpg

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Doggie Bandanas By Laurie

Hi all,

So I make custom bandanas and bow ties for dogs. First the borning bit, the cost.

image (2)

1. Fancy Bow £10.50

(modled by @ArchieThePatti)

2. Bow Tie £9.00

(modled by Brecon)

3. Slip on to collar bandana £7.50

(modled by @ArchieThePatti)

4. Double slip onto collar banadna £10.50

5. Tie on bandana £7.50

(modled by @erictheborder)

6. Mini Bandana £4.50

7. Bandana and matching mini bandana £11.50

8. Mini badge £2.50

9. Mini bandana and mini badge £7.00

10. Bandana, mini bandana and mini badge £14.50

11. Cape £14.00

12. Hooded Cape £15.50

These prices include 1st class postage costs for the UK. If you want them sent 1st class recorded please add £1.50 to the cost. If you want postage to another country please contact me and I will let you know the total cost. Please note that 50p of every badge sold will go towards either The Dogs Trust or Terrier Rescue.

Contact me at via Twitter @LittleLaurie87 or email If you do email, please put Doggie Bandanas in the subject.

Here are some of what I have made so far.


Here are some happy customers.


The sweet Jim (@JimTheBorder) looking relaxed.


Eric (@erictheborder) got his mummy to sew his #BTPosse badge on his bandana.


The cutie Casper (@claretsumo) with his tie on bandana.


Jack and Molly (@JackMolly3) look adorable in double bandanas.


Here is the cute Frankie, who is a Italian greyhound cross miniature pinscher (@Frankietheig) and lives in America.


Brecon looking smart at Chrismas. 

photo 1 (1)

Mosty and his work pal Dotty. Mosty was a kind friend and surprised her with a pressie. (@kate armstrong)

image (2)

The very sweet Bramble who won hers in a charity auction.

photo 2photo 1

Hendrix sporting his tartan bandana. (@HendrixBT)


 Issac,who has a poorly foot. Get better soon pal (@Issac and Bobo Cat) 

image (1)

Barney in his bicycle bandana (@Captian Barnacle) 


The super cute Little Malc  (@littlemalc) eagerly waiting to open his post. 

image (1)image (2)

This is one of my favorites so far. 



My fuzzy munchkin Izzy (@IzzyTheBorder)


And finally, my little man, Archie the sewing dog (@ArchieThePatti) 

Some of my fuzzy pal have got themselves Mini-Me’s and have asked me to make matching bandanas. These are £4.50 each but can be purchased with a normal one at a special price of £10.

Here are the happy customers.

image (5)

The lovely Jack and Molly again. 


My fab pal Eric, the chap who started this all off.

Now these guys really tested my sewing ability when they requested a replica of the BTPosse badge for the mini bandanas.


I am always up for a challenge, although they are not perfect, they look the part. Grab one for £2.50, 50p of which will be donated to either The Dogs Trust or Terrier Rescue



Jack and Molly’s mini-me’s with bandanas and badges.


The handsome Sebastian and his mini-me. (@MrSebBT)

You can get a bandana, mini bandana and mini badge for  a bargain price of £12.50

I have been making capes, Harry Potter ones at that. Here are some of my furpals sporting them. 

image (3)

The beautiful Tonks


The cute Gimli who has had a matching quilt made by my mum.


Here is the sweet Barney 


The grumpy Miss Jessie 

image (5)image (4)

And finally my babes Archie and Izzy. Izzy didn’t like being a wizard or wearing glasses.

Laurie -x-


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