Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt by Lizzy

Fab jelly roll received for Christmas prezzie from Mr NB (boy done good), after looking at some awesome quilts on Instagram I’ve decided that’s the way to go with this.

20130104-074337 AM.jpg
Laid all the luscious strips out & there’s some super cool prints, all Rowan fabric…liberty & Westminster
Spent a couple of hours on my panels last night, Archie the Patterdale terrier as per usual was checking out the progress!

20130105-070304 AM.jpg

20130105-070317 AM.jpg

20130105-070330 AM.jpg
I’ve got 4 days off work to make up for being there most of Xmas…yayyyy lots of scrappy quilt making hours! Had to go get a 2nd Jelly Roll as I’ve cut the 1st one so that I could make some cushion fronts & a smallish lap quilt. After discussions with the master of the house who feels colours are wrong for our front room I’m thinking its got to be a bigger quilt & it’s destination will be our bedroom.

20130106-015331 PM.jpg
Light refreshments necessary before cutting up this jelly roll

20130106-023310 PM.jpg
Bought from my local House of Fraser @£22.50

20130106-023507 PM.jpg
Six squares done…

20130106-030711 PM.jpg
spent a good deal of time prepping this afternoon, I’d made a schoolboy error of cutting my strips 12″ instead of 16″ which caused me some confusion & a good deal of effing n jeffing ( in my head!) but I’m just going with it & don’t seem to be making the “panels” of cut & sewn squares too weird a shape. Anyway I WILL make it all fit together in end I’m sure (she says confidently)…. He who dares n all that 😬

20130106-072748 PM.jpg
Archie the “sewing” dog insists on hindering…or as he says helping! I’ve told him he must therefore sharpen his already scratchy little claws & do some seam ripping…

20130106-073111 PM.jpg
…Archie doing his sulky dog thing & suggesting I use scissors as he can’t be bothered to help me seam rip…

20130106-075456 PM.jpg
Here’s the tutorial

20130109-020952 PM.jpg
Finished my squares 30 in all…now hardest part so far…what layout 😁 I tried a couple of ways with zig zag pattern & all diagonal lines but I do like the more traditional boxes tipped on their side look.

20130109-025334 PM.jpg
Now to sew the panels together, it’s a bit of a wrestle to match the corners as I’d not got completely square panels but its going ok so far 👌

20130109-030701 PM.jpg
Used a charity shop bargain as backing nice floral single cotton sheet…cost £2! I chose the blue version. Layed this on bed with wadding on top ( made up of two strips side by side) then top.

20130110-114819 PM.jpg
These slightly curved safety pins made this job a little easier.

20130110-115028 PM.jpg
Spent all day at work with fingers crossed that my new wandering foot would arrive from eBay, all the books & YouTube videos assure me that’s all I need to make my normal Singer confidence machine ready to quilt, yayyyy it had arrived so here goes…

20130111-065028 AM.jpg
OMG! This is NOT easy… such a bulk to work with. I’ve decided to stitch across the squares rather than along sides of them. The new foot does help as its got feed dogs incorporated but its still a wrestle! It does get easier the more you do as the quilting process compresses it all.

20130111-065332 AM.jpg
Another couple of hours with this last night, it’s starting to get slightly easier to work now I’ve done more lines of stitching too compress the wadding. Still had too unpick a few bits where the backing a puckered or got a little pleat

20130112-072132 AM.jpg
I gave myself a couple of evenings off this WIP mainly because the quilting of its been hard going for me on my Singer. I think I will need to invest in those “sticky” gloves I’ve seen on the American tutorials as pushing it through the machines had given me arm ache & a stiff neck & these apparently help

20130116-013538 PM.jpg
Phew the quilting a completed & I like the effect it’s made it look much more vintage, now to cut the binding & get that on.

20130116-014101 PM.jpg

20130116-014522 PM.jpg

Loving the progress of this quilt. Knit-Spin-Quilt

20130117-063951 AM.jpg
Archie the Sewing dog checks my progress

20130117-064314 AM.jpg
I’m using this nice bright red sheeting fabric for the binding as there’s a fair few shades of red in the top & a splash of it on the backing fabric flowers.

20130117-060525 PM.jpg
Trying to finish sewing the binding on whilst Archie the “sewing” dog helps!

20130118-110250 PM.jpg
Whoopee! All finished, here’s a few pic’s of the done job…

20130120-010306 PM.jpg

20130120-010319 PM.jpg

20130120-010335 PM.jpg

20130120-010348 PM.jpg

20130120-010425 PM.jpg

20130120-010444 PM.jpg

20130123-075339 PM.jpg


About Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

Hi, we are a mother and daughter tea drinking, tattoo wearing duo of crafters. Every Wednesday evening we get together and make beautiful things for friends, family and sometimes ourselves. Helped along the way by sometime models & general pests Izzy the Border Terrier & Archie the Patterdale terrier (spot them in our pic's) We are both living in beautiful Devon but grew up in Norfolk. We call ourselves Fabric Artisans & this has come down through five generations of seamstresses, needle women & crafters of all things fabric.
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31 Responses to Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt by Lizzy

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I love the bright colours. Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful jelly roll to receive! I love what you chose to make with it too. I have a lovely stash of Kaffe fabric that I’m savoring at the moment while I enjoy pondering all of the possibilities.

  3. claire93 says:

    wow – really gorgeous quilt

  4. Caryn says:

    Your jelly roll has such amazing fabrics. All the colors I love, but with deep saturation. The different patterns and scale are great too. It seems like my stash is made up of single or two color fabrics, because I think they’ll “match” thay way. Your quilt has made me look at multi-color prints in a whole other way.

    • Thank you, with a jelly roll you do get prints that work well together but a good tip I got from a friend on Instagram is to use the colour dots on the selvedge edge as a guide. Look at these & if other fabrics you choose have one or two of the same colours it should all work together. Or go clashing!

  5. This is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! It has made me want to create one for our home.

  6. monkeyneedle says:

    Your quilt turned out to be beautiful! I plan to do the scrappy trip along as well. Guess I need to get started

  7. Lisa Yarost says:

    This is lovely! A hint on machine quilting: If you wear either surgical gloves or inexpensive gardening gloves (the kind with the rubber dots on the fingers and palms) you will find that it is much easier on your shoulders. You’ll have a better grip on the fabric.
    Keep on quilting!

  8. lucybythesea says:

    Thanks for following my blog! i love this quilt – gorgeous fabric! I love bright patchwork colours. Youve got an heirloom there. 🙂

  9. lucybythesea says:

    And i love the pics of your dog – so cute!

  10. piecedgoods says:

    Your quilt is wonderful!

  11. That has come up really well. The diagonal quilting was the right call.
    A cheap and easily available alternative to the sticky quilting gloves are some types of ladies’ gardening gloves – the ones with the grippy bits on the fingertips. I bought mine from my local hardware store. In the store, I just tried on several to see that they fitted closely and to test how well they ‘gripped’ by rubbing the grippy bits along the denim of my jeans. (Oh, I see someone else has made the same comment. I am just adding my voice to Lisa’s. She is right!)

  12. quiltedhappiness says:

    Wow, that quilt looks fantastic and I adore the backing! I am going to show your qrticle to my husband to make him feel guilty for not buying me a jelly roll for christmas! I did try and make it really simple and asked for gift vouchers to a fabric shop, but he said he couldn’t buy me vouchers! I know!!! Yes, of course he could! Anyway, by the way, yes definitely buy yourself some gloves, once you try them you will never bother quilting without them! I hope that quilt makes you smile every time you now walk in your room! – suzy

  13. trikatykid says:

    Wow! Came out great! And obviously the 4-legged judge approves. I miss having a dog sniff my fabrics as I sew them together. But it’s also nice to be able to lay everything out without protecting it.. I have made many patchwork quilts and the one thing I have never managed to do is quilt them (other than a dabbling in quilting a baby quilt, which I don’t think counts). I am finishing up a quilt that I will be entering in a quilt show and I am determined to quilt this one! I”m a little nervous but I figured that it’s part of the learning process and I need to start somewhere!

    I have a very basic Brother and I am not sure the feed dogs will drop. I also need to find a walking foot that fits.. I’ve seen some great quilting by the girls in my quilters guild.. I’m excited to learn!

  14. Lucinda says:

    I like your scrappy trip quilt. Especially the quilting – the way you went “across the block” looks really nice. I might try that on my next scrappy trip. Your dog is a cutie, too!

  15. Erin O'Neill says:

    Wow. That is so beautiful. One picture actually made my heart stop and my throat catch. You are truly talented and practiced. It makes the quilt I’m working on look like child’s play. I know that I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you.

    • That’s so sweet of you to say, it was my 1st properly quilted quilt so I’m super pleased with it. That’s the beauty of patchwork tho don’t you agree? It’s not meant to be perfect, can show your individuality & is something to treasure. Thanks again for the lovely comment x

  16. calicocat41 says:

    This is beautiful! As usual, I want to make one too! I have discovered, I will never get all the quilts and crafts made before I die! I will just have to try! Very cozy looking quilt, I will keep in it my mind to make! Thanks for sharing ❤ it

  17. sazknits says:

    Amazing! And I love Archie too 🙂

  18. cotton happy says:

    Well done, it looks amazing and great to see it all come together. Did you use polyester wadding? I find the wool or cotton easier to work with and quilt through – I can squish it all up under the arm of my machine and flatten the bit I work on. Also helps to work from the centre outwards. I will keep watching for new things you make!

  19. annbibbi says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I’m putting it on my loooooooong list of want-to-do list!

  20. Love love love your quilt :). Well done, it’s beautiful. The quilting looks like you had quite a work out.

  21. Sue says:

    What a cheerful quilt!

  22. Thank you for following my blog and introducing me to your wonderful work- it’s inspiring to see a project from start to finish!

  23. Mia says:

    Amazing blanket!! Thank you for the follow too 🙂

  24. annettedavis says:

    I love the quilt. I haven’t done any quilting in years and now you’ve made me want to get my sewing machine out & make something beautiful.

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