My mum is a knitting genius

So, I cant knit, but mum can! She has crafted some wonderful knitted items and i wanted to show you a small selection.

Firstly are some fab neck warmers made for step daughters ski holiday.

Don't get lippy with me neck warmer.

Don’t get lippy with me neck warmer.

I mustache you a question neck warmer

I mustache you a question neck warmer

In my opinion this is the best thing she has ever knitted and I would likes some for myself (subtle hint) Knitted converse! You read right, knitted converse.

Crazy for converse

Crazy for Converse

This next item was crafted from a vintage pattern and was done in one of my favorite colour combinations, mustard and black. (Now, please excuse my face. It has a life of its own sometimes)


The following jumper was also made using a vintage pattern. We both loved so much, she had to knit two.


I needed a new hair style, but didn’t want to cut my hair. In a moment of madness this beauty was born.

Desperate Housewife hat

Desperate Housewife hat

The next two are being beautifully modeled by the dogs. The first a necklace/scarf and the second a cosy sofa blanket.

Archie says its not his colour.

Archie says its not his colour.

Snuggly pups

Snuggly pups

Next is another jumper from a vintage pattern. This is nice and lightweight and looks great in mint green.


When me and my sister were little we both loved my little pony, so mum knitted us each the best cardigan I have even owned.

image (3)

Finally is my favorite thing mum knitted for me. I remember being about 7 and rummaging around in the cupboard under the stairs when i stumbled across this next item. I fell in love straight away but didn’t say anything in fear of being in trouble. To my absolute delight, I was presented with him later that day. He is old and battered and has lost his tail but I still love him.


image (2)

About Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

Hi, we are a mother and daughter tea drinking, tattoo wearing duo of crafters. Every Wednesday evening we get together and make beautiful things for friends, family and sometimes ourselves. Helped along the way by sometime models & general pests Izzy the Border Terrier & Archie the Patterdale terrier (spot them in our pic's) We are both living in beautiful Devon but grew up in Norfolk. We call ourselves Fabric Artisans & this has come down through five generations of seamstresses, needle women & crafters of all things fabric.
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  1. Didn’t you call that cat Marmalade?

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