Colourful zig-zag Nails By Laurie

So, i’m not sure this is technically craft related, but its something I do and wanted to share. They were inspired by Kaylah form The Dainty Squid who creates some wonderful nails.

These nails look hard but are remarkably simple to do. All you need is 2-3 nail polishes of you choice, some nail stickers (or scotch tape cut with pinking shears), a little time and patience. (which is the hardest part for me)

When picking you polishes you ideally want one light one medium and one darker polishes to get the best results. You can always test on a sheet of paper to see what they will look like.

I'm using Rimmel Lasting Finish in misty jade, Barry M 294 and Barry M 291

I’m using Rimmel Lasting Finish in misty jade, Barry M 294 and Barry M 291

When you have gathered all your bits and bobs, paint your nails with the lightest colour adding another coat if needed. Now, it is very important to allow this to dry completely or it could all go a bit pear shaped.

I added another coat to make the colour more opaque.

I added another coat to make the colour more opaque.

Once this is dry get a sticker and place in the center of each nail from left to right an press firmly trying to get the spaces at the top and bottom are fairly even. Do one hand at a time or you could get a bit stuck.

photo (2)

Now we take whichever colour you want at the cuticle of you nail and paint from the cuticle to the sticker, ensure you don’t go off the other sideof the sticker. Do this to each finger.

image (4)

You can now take the final color and paint from the sticker to the tip of your nail making sure you start at the same nail as the second colour.

image (1)

Ok so now is the (slightly) tricky bit. carefully but quickly remove the first sticker, you may find it helpful to kind of pull with the zig-zag of the sticker. Sometimes this can happen. But its OK, just start that nail again.

photo (3)

Repeat for the other hand. I usually let the first dry completely first. Once both hands are done and dry finish with a topcoat.

photo (6)

Here are some more examples I have done (please note; I’m not very good at coloring in the lines lol)

These remind me of scummy Easter eggs

These remind me of scummy Easter eggs

and these remind me of a sandy beach and waves

and these remind me of a sandy beach and waves

Burn baby burn

Burn baby burn

Dennis the menace

Dennis the menace


About Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

Hi, we are a mother and daughter tea drinking, tattoo wearing duo of crafters. Every Wednesday evening we get together and make beautiful things for friends, family and sometimes ourselves. Helped along the way by sometime models & general pests Izzy the Border Terrier & Archie the Patterdale terrier (spot them in our pic's) We are both living in beautiful Devon but grew up in Norfolk. We call ourselves Fabric Artisans & this has come down through five generations of seamstresses, needle women & crafters of all things fabric.
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2 Responses to Colourful zig-zag Nails By Laurie

  1. I’ve wondered how these were done, good tutorial and I like your tats.

  2. pandulce says:

    Love them! All versions, but especially the “scummy easter egg” color mix 😀 Great blog and thanks for following mine. I hope not to disappoint!

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