Collar Clips or Sweater Clips?

Meh, whatever you call them doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on them, just make them yourself.

So on Wednesday I made 3 sets of collar clips. Some button ones, some star ones and some cloud ones (to wear with my sky blue cardigan)

What you will need

Buttons, felt, iron on patches

Hot glue gun

Brooch backs or clip on earrings

Chain (a unused necklace in this case)


sewing silk

and the basics (scissors, needle etc)

image (4)

Now you want to cut your shape (if you are using felt)

Taking your hot glue gun and either brooch backs or clips, glue to the back of your shape/button/patch.

image (3)

If you are doing clouds, make sure you glue your clips/brooch backs facing opposite directions (otherwise you will have one upside down cloud)

image (1)

Please be very careful when using a hot glue gun. You don’t want to glue your finger like I did. Ouch!

Let your glue dry. Take a break. Have a cup of tea, and maybe some cake.

photo (1)

Ok, so now you are refreshed and your glue is dry you can make a start on the chain/chains. I decided to leave the buttons without chains for now.

You simply decide on the lengths you want and cut using your pliers. Taking your lengths of chain, attach a jump ring to each end and attach to the clip.

photo (2)

When you have a broach back it is easier to just attach the chains to the jump rings and place them on as you use them.

image (5)

Ta Da!! You are done.

photo (3)

Here is my collection or collar clips, brooches and badges.




About Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

Hi, we are a mother and daughter tea drinking, tattoo wearing duo of crafters. Every Wednesday evening we get together and make beautiful things for friends, family and sometimes ourselves. Helped along the way by sometime models & general pests Izzy the Border Terrier & Archie the Patterdale terrier (spot them in our pic's) We are both living in beautiful Devon but grew up in Norfolk. We call ourselves Fabric Artisans & this has come down through five generations of seamstresses, needle women & crafters of all things fabric.
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