Girl Dog Quilts

Archie the sewing dog & I have been so busy designing & quilting just lately that I’ve not had time to show you some of the 65!!!!!! that we produced.if you want to commission a bespoke quilt email me but if its for Christmas I’ve a waiting list! ….here are the girls

20130901-040258 PM.jpg

20130901-040316 PM.jpg

20130901-040336 PM.jpg

20130901-040359 PM.jpg

20130901-040419 PM.jpg

20130901-040448 PM.jpg

20130901-040534 PM.jpg

20130901-040551 PM.jpg

20130901-040617 PM.jpg

20130901-040642 PM.jpg

20130901-040659 PM.jpg

20130901-040722 PM.jpg

20130901-040833 PM.jpg

20130901-040908 PM.jpg

20130901-040943 PM.jpg

20130901-041008 PM.jpg

20130901-041026 PM.jpg

20130901-041122 PM.jpg

20130901-041145 PM.jpg

20130901-041226 PM.jpg

20130901-041312 PM.jpg

20130901-041332 PM.jpg

Check out these other posts for more examples of what I have made.

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Doggy Quilts

20130922-081951 PM.jpg

20130922-082013 PM.jpg

20130922-082034 PM.jpg

20130922-082120 PM.jpg

20130922-082146 PM.jpg

20130922-082240 PM.jpg

20130922-082310 PM.jpg

20130922-082341 PM.jpg

20130922-082418 PM.jpg

20130922-082435 PM.jpg

20130922-082538 PM.jpg

20130922-082604 PM.jpg

20130922-082639 PM.jpg

20130922-082656 PM.jpg

20130922-084818 PM.jpg

20130923-100848 PM.jpg

20130923-100900 PM.jpg

20130923-100928 PM.jpg

About Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

Hi, we are a mother and daughter tea drinking, tattoo wearing duo of crafters. Every Wednesday evening we get together and make beautiful things for friends, family and sometimes ourselves. Helped along the way by sometime models & general pests Izzy the Border Terrier & Archie the Patterdale terrier (spot them in our pic's) We are both living in beautiful Devon but grew up in Norfolk. We call ourselves Fabric Artisans & this has come down through five generations of seamstresses, needle women & crafters of all things fabric.
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