Doggy quilts

Well….it’s been a while! My doggy quilt making has been steady & pretty much no stop. The size you see here which generally I seem to make for various terrier breeds is approx 30×40″ dependent on the personalisation required. Avail from my Etsy (CraftHillFabric) store & completely bespoke made.

20130521-074153 AM.jpg

20130521-074258 AM.jpg

20130521-074334 AM.jpg

20130521-074359 AM.jpg

20130521-074425 AM.jpg

20130521-074501 AM.jpg

20130521-074519 AM.jpg

20130521-074558 AM.jpg

20130521-074651 AM.jpg

20130521-074223 AM.jpg

20130521-074208 AM.jpg

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Hi guys, ive started an Etsy shop!!!! Have a look at this Fab Dr Who fabric cushion, they can be personalised but hurry…ltd editions!!!

20130506-104454 AM.jpg

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Crawford’s quilt

Here’s another quilt for a doggy, this time in smart navy & grey with contrast white writing 20130416-064744 AM.jpg
Crawford is a Border Terrier so it’s another fairly small quilt, easily washed.
20130416-064954 AM.jpg
I’ve appliquéd his name & then quilted whole thing.
20130416-065122 AM.jpg
If your interested in buying a personalised quilt email me for details . I’m charging £40 for this size with appropriate postal charges dependant on your location

20130420-044048 PM.jpg

20130420-044309 PM.jpg

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Gimli BT’s doggy quilt made by Lizzy

Here’s a cute little quilt made for an even cuter Border Terrier named Gimli

20130414-110001 PM.jpg

If your interested I’m making these washable quilted doggy blankets for £45 with £5 P&P to order. They can be personalised too.

20130414-110239 PM.jpg

20130414-110325 PM.jpg

20130414-110406 PM.jpg

20130414-110531 PM.jpg
How cozy does Gimli look?


And a quick picture of Archie the sewing dog snuggled in his own quilt.


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Doggy Lover Cushions By Lizzy

Crafthill Artisan handmade Dog Lover cushion. If your interested in purchasing please contact me as they are for sale £20 plus appropriate postage dependant on lication. I can make other colours if required, choose from background of beige, red, burgundy,navy blue, Choc brown, lime, deep turquoise or charcoal grey. Various dog breeds will be available or I can add your pets name. The fronts can also be quilted for added texture.

20130407-052102 PM.jpg
This ones for all the Border Terrier lovers out there, measures 15″x15″ so perfect to pop on your sofa…

20130407-052524 PM.jpg
❤ MY PUG 15″x15″

20130407-072046 PM.jpg
❤ MY DOGGY 15″ x 15″ would look great on any doggy lovers sofa or bed

20130407-072300 PM.jpg

20130407-075055 PM.jpg

20130407-075203 PM.jpg

20130407-075151 PM.jpg

20130408-055254 PM.jpg

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Patchwork Balls by Little Laurie

These patchwork balls are so quick to make (once all the prep is done) and make fab pressies.
First gather your bits and pieces. A Styrofoam ball (I’m using a 4″ ball) 3 fabrics, some ribbon, decorations (like beads and buttons) and a whole load of pins!20130403-190239.jpg

Next you will need to cut your fabric into squares. Because my balls are 4″, my squares will be 4″. You need to cut 8 of the center fabric. And 16 of the other two.
Now, just to make it easier later on, I fold the squares in half and half again and press them.

Now you take your ball and place a pin in the center of your square of fabric.


You the take the corners and pull them into the middle of the bottom of the square to make a triangle and pin as shown above.

Place anohter triangle opposite and then on each side to complete your first layer.


Repeat this step for the other side of the ball. The balls I have are marked on each end of the ball.


Now, taking your second fabric, place a triangle 2/3 down the previous layer. Do this the same way as before and fill in the remaining spaces. And a cute piccie of Archie.


Again, repeat on the other side of the ball.

Now take the final fabric and place the triangle 1/3 of the way down. This stage is done the same way as the second layer.


I find my fingers begin to hurt at this stage due to the many layers so I use the end of a pencil to push my pins in.


Repeat for the other side and your almost there.


Add your trim. I have used a strip of the lilac fabric turned in and some cute lace.


Finnish off with any other decorations you want. Bobs your uncle and Archies your sewing dog, you are done.


Here are all the designs I have done.



20130407-111956 AM.jpg

20130407-112019 AM.jpg

20130407-112054 AM.jpg

20130407-112122 AM.jpg

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Spud & Beans the visiting Border Terrierists!!!!

I know here on our Crafthill blog we usually tell you about our crafting exploits but we have some small visitors taking up all our attention at the moment! Meet Spud & Beans…

20130401-113627 AM.jpg
We have these two handsome boys staying with us for two weeks whilst their owners are off for a sunny family holidays in Cuba…to put them in kennels would have been silly expensive & we always say you can never have too many dogs lol. We had them two years ago, here’s the pictures of their 1st visit…Spud is the bigger one & at the time Beans was baby Beans…so cute (don’t ask me why they have the odd names…their family has two young kids so i guess they named them)

20130401-114348 AM.jpg

20130401-114401 AM.jpg

20130401-114414 AM.jpg
So two years on & they have changed no end…I was at work when hubby took delivery of them & he did his usual thing of not asking any details such as where do they like too sleep, when do they eat & how much walking do they need…most importantly he didn’t ask which ones which!!! Numpty, he is the same when we have his grand kids too stay although luckily I CAN tell them apart lol…these dogs do have collars & tags but its only their owners names & phone numbers on them so no clues there then doh!!!! As previously Baby Beans had been the darker coated of the two I’m assuming its still so & that he is the closer to the camera in this next photo…what do you think????

20130401-115043 AM.jpg
They are half brothers…same mums but different dads…Beans looks more if a traditional Border Terrier too me Spuds coat is quite curly, they are both due too be stripped & I dare say they will look even more alike when that’s been done. Our Border Izzy really didn’t like their previous visit so she has gone off to my daughter (&joint blogger) Little Lauries home for the duration…. She will no doubt be having a whale of a time & getting some serious spoiling. Archie our Patterdale Terrier has stayed home, all the boys together are having a great time…

20130401-120612 PM.jpg

20130401-120634 PM.jpg

20130401-120709 PM.jpgheres some views of our Easter weekend walks with the trio of thugs…it’s our local walk down beside Tamerton creek in Plymouth Devon…can you spot the cheeky robin that followed us along the pathway? I was we’ll impressed with myself & my iPhones photographic skills

20130401-120921 PM.jpg

20130401-120952 PM.jpg

20130401-121010 PM.jpg

20130401-121038 PM.jpg

20130401-121202 PM.jpg

20130401-121245 PM.jpg

20130401-121259 PM.jpg
The creek is tidal & was very full this morning, normally Archie has a swim but as it was chilly he thought better if it

20130401-121450 PM.jpg

20130401-015028 PM.jpg
Beans chillaxing

20130401-015142 PM.jpg

20130401-015202 PM.jpg
…Spud’s found a comfy place too keep a lookout from

20130401-015405 PM.jpg
Archie snoozing in one of his beds…& here’s Izzy on her holibobs @ little Lauries place (or little mummy as she is know by the dogs). She even gets her own bean bag

20130402-112857 AM.jpg

20130402-112954 AM.jpg
Here she is zooming along!
So little mummy decides to tuck izzy in for the night lol

She doesn’t look impressed.


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Makower cotton reels vintage style apron by Lizzy

I’ve been wanting to make an apron too keep on the tailors dummy that hubby got me for Xmas……well since Xmas! It stands in the dining/sewing area of the front room so deserves something gorgeous to wear

I found the most perfect fabric on eBay, Makower “cotton reels”

20130317-083911 PM.jpg

20130317-083932 PM.jpg

<img src=
I’d looked at lots of sewing patterns, I particularly wanted a vintage or reproduction vintage look version…this Butterick (B5474) pattern for the bill.

20130317-084422 PM.jpg
After lots of fabric cutting & a fair few ruffles made…

20130317-084747 PM.jpg

20130317-084937 PM.jpg
…a bit more ruffle making (gathering by hand rather than with the machine as seems more reliable)…

20130317-085241 PM.jpg
All done, great therapy on a rainy Sunday when I’m full of cold.

20130317-085440 PM.jpg
Look at the cute double pocket…

20130317-085631 PM.jpg

20130317-085735 PM.jpg
I love the cross over front…

20130317-085933 PM.jpg
…the bows really cu

20130317-090132 PM.jpg
No more naked dummy!

20130317-092730 PM.jpg

20130322-073857 AM.jpg

20130322-073921 AM.jpg

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Owley McPillowpants By Laurie

So a while ago I made myself an Owley McPillowpants from the Small Stash Sewing book. He was so fun and easy to make I decided to make another for my niece’s 2nd Birthday and one for Mother’s day. I think next time I will do and Owley McSmartypants and put a tie on him.

image (11)

How cute is the little girl on the cover?

They can be made in a number of colour combinations and are made up of 5/6 different fabrics (mainly fat quarters but a few scraps)

So, here is how I got on.

1. The first stage is to pick your fabrics. This is uasually the hardest part for me. For my niece I chose bright polka dots and mum had a beautiful fat quarter bundle which lent itself to this project so well I couldn’t not use it.

image (10)

2. Then you cut out all your different pieces.

I love the rotary cutter

I love the rotary cutter

image (17)image (7)

3. the next stage is to sew your bias binding the the curved edge of each wing. I hate sewing bias, especially on a curve 😦

image (14)image (13)

4. Now we need to pin our wings to the body section and sew 3 feathers onto each one. Once this is done we slit the middle of each feather using a seam ripper.

image (2)image (15)IMG_3722

5. Now we need to pin and sew the neck piece to the top of the wings and body. Then we pin and sew the head to the top of the neck.

image (16)image (8)

6. This next step is important to do now, I made the mistake of doing it last once and it becomes very tricky. We sew on his eyes and beak.

7. Now we prepare the tail and ears. Firstly sew the seams with fabric right sides together. Turn right side out and press. Insert wadding and quilt a zig-zag pattern to hold the wadding in place.

image (12)image (9)

8. Now we need to pin the backing and front, insuring to place the ears and tail. Sew ensuring you leave a gap to stuff.

9. Turn right side out and press. Stuff with a pillow and sew up the gap. For mums I decided to do and envelope back (because I was being lazy) Bob’s uyour uncle, you have an Owley McPillowpants.

Me and mums Owly having a nice moment

Me and mums Owly having a nice moment

My very own Owley
My very own Owley

20130316-055758 PM.jpg

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Hexi bath mat made by Lizzy

This was a quick last minute gift to send off to my mum for Mother’s Day. She pretty much has everything so I needed something that was useful…& gorgeous!

20130315-071802 PM.jpg
Here’s how I made it

20130315-071916 PM.jpg
I chose fabrics too match her bathroom tiles…blues, yellows & turquoise then made up basic hexagons
I’ve always had a soft spot for hexi patchwork, infact it was my mum who taught me how too make them many years ago. I sewed strips of them together

20130315-072404 PM.jpg

20130315-072422 PM.jpg
It grew fast

20130315-072623 PM.jpg

20130315-072644 PM.jpg
I think the colours work well together

20130315-073229 PM.jpg
Once the top seemed the correct size I sandwiched it onto some wadding backed with a remnant of curtain lining. It seemed a bit water resistant so thought it a good choice

20130315-073654 PM.jpg
I decided too simply follow the shape of the hexi’s & stitch around them in the ditch ( the seam). It gives a nice plump effect

20130315-074106 PM.jpg
I’d cut the backing big enough too turn over as the edge binding, I like too use this method, zig zag stitching it down

20130315-074455 PM.jpg

20130315-074518 PM.jpg

20130315-074532 PM.jpg
I added a cute label & ta daaa all done

20130315-074950 PM.jpg

20130315-075013 PM.jpg

20130315-075105 PM.jpg

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